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Taking the High Ground by Ted Clarke


How Boston Broke the British Grip

Most of us are vaguely aware of the historical events that took place in the Boston area in 1775 and 1776. As Americans, we have all been taught about Paul Revere’s Ride, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and perhaps even the Fortification of Dorchester Heights. However, do we really know the details of each event, the motivations behind what took place, and the politics and personalities involved?

Luckily for us, author Ted Clarke, local newspaper writer and historian, decided to find out, and his results may surprise you! Presented in a comfortable and highly-readable style, this exciting saga of Boston’s fight for liberty brings political and military conflicts to life while describing the changing mindsets of the American colonists in the process. You will marvel at how the colonials marshaled their limited resources and used native intelligence to unveil surprising military planning and strategy. This, combined with their bravery and tenacity, led to stunning American successes against the more experienced and professional British forces.

A range of characters took part in this pageant—Dr. Joseph Warren, Richard Gridley, Thomas Gage, “Gentleman Johnny” Burgoyne, Henry Knox, John Pitcairn, Israel Putnam and George Washington, among many others—and their contributions are all included in this page-turning saga of America’s beginnings. From the Boston Massacre to the British evacuation of Boston, Americans created an army, built a communication system, and finally forged an alliance of thirteen American colonies, sowing the seeds of what would later become an American culture in the process.

The concept of “America” really began in Boston, and Taking the High Ground will prove it!

About the Author

This is the tenth book for Ted Clarke, who lives in the coastal town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, where he chairs the town Historical Commission. He has previously written and narrated five television programs on local history, one of which received the 2009  Massachusetts Historical Commission’s award. Clarke, who holds three Master’s degrees, was a teacher and newspaper columnist for many years. His writing style reflects many years of making events easy to understand for students and readers, and also gives evidence of his love of words and for the rhythm of phrases. Recently retired, this late bloomer has now begun a career as an author, especially in the history and biography genres.


Format: 6" x 9" perfect bound paperback on acid-free white paper
140, including an introduction, personal notes, text, endnotes, bibliography, index, and about the author

Illustrations: 108, including historical images, line drawings, engravings, maps and photographs
Published: March 2010
ISBN 13:

ISBN 10: 0-9842256-5-X
LCCN: 2010920741
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