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Ontario and the Detroit Frontier 1701-1814


Ontario and the Detroit Frontier 1701-1814

Hugh Cowan, M.A., B. D.

In recognition of the bicentennial of the War of 1812, Upper Canada Press is proud to reprint this classic account of the history of the Detroit River Region of the province of Ontario, Canada. Drawing from a wealth of material, this book chronicles all major events from 1701 to 1814. It narrates the events during the settlement and development of the Detroit River, or Western District, until the close of the American Invasion in 1812-1815. This is the same locality where, in 1701, the French established their first colony in the west. Written in a lively and engaging style with attention to detail, this volume will no doubt be of benefit to anyone interested in local history.

Chapter headings include The Genesis of Canada, The Birth of Ontario, The Detroit River Region: Its Geography and Topography, The Early French, The Coming of the British, Indian Tribes of the Detroit Region, Indian Hostility, The British Become a Divided House, First Representation of Civil Law and Order, The Western District Organized, The Year of Peace, The Ceded Outposts, Ontario’s First Farming Community, The Pioneer British Settlement, Sandwich, The Beginning Years of Amherstburg, War of a Nation Against a Settlement (a chronicle of the events of the War of 1812 in the area).


Note: This is a fasimile reprint of the 1929 book Canadian Achievement in the Province of Ontario, Volume 1: The Detroit River District
6" x 9" perfect bound paperback on acid-free creme paper with gloss laminate cover
268, including an introduction, foreword, text, and index

Illustrations: 21, including historical images, line drawings, engravings, maps and photographs
Published: April 2012
ISBN 13:
 LCCN: 2012935813
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