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Lessons from the Hoghouse: A Woman's Guide to Following.....


A Woman's Guide to Following Her Country Dream in a World of Manure, Metal Men and Groundhog Hunters

Liz Clark

Many of us fantasize about enjoying our own homestead in the country, a place where we can relax, enjoy the scenery, and breathe fresh air all day long. But as all of us know, you have to be selective about what you wish for because your wishes might just come true.

Lessons from the Hoghouse leads us on a hilarious romp in the countryside as we follow Liz, a career-minded single woman, as she tackles the unfamiliar world of gentlewoman farming. She soon warms up to the idea that one can't do everything on their own, and welcomes the assistance of local metal men, manure people and groundhog hunters, among others, in her efforts to fulfill her dream. Along the way she learns valuable lessons about dealing with petulant brood mares, persistent bat infestations, an overly amorous turkey and an ass named Irene.

With the additional company of a few resident ghosts, a collection of very willful animals, and some extraordinary women who support her endeavor, Liz eventually turns a broken-down farm into a little corner of paradise. Finally, while restoring the hoghouse, she learns the most important lesson of all.


Format: 6" x 9" x .5" perfect-bound paperback on acid-free natural paper, printed in the United States of America
Pages: 200
ISBN 10: 1-9399950-1-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-939995-01-8
LCCN: 2013946989
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Published: September 2013

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About the Author

Elizabeth Clark has had an eclectic career in nuclear engineering, construction project management, strategic planning, organizational development, leadership and career consulting, process redesign and healthcare quality management. The day job supports her passions for raising horses, writing poetry and whipping up the occasional garlic poultice or ironweed tea.Lessons From the Hoghouse is her first book.  She lives in her beloved village of Bernville, Pennsylvania with five horses, two dogs, a pig, donkey, cats and an ever-increasing number of groundhogs.

Praise for Lessons from the Hoghouse

Lessons From the Hoghouse is a riot. Clark has a talent for scouting the ridiculous and transcribing it to the page, all the while insisting it is undeniably the truth. Whether or not that's the case doesn't matter. The result is both entertaining and enlightening and nothing is better than that. I haven't had this much fun since the pigs ate the barn.
- Sue Lange, author The Perpetual Motion Club

The first time I heard Liz Clark read an excerpt from this charming narrative of a New Jersey girl’s bold (and maybe naive at the beginning) solo venture into the world of animal husbandry, ecosystem management, and remote rural living in the wilds of Pennsylvania, I was beside myself in stitches of laughter. This enormously talented writer has created a magical world nestled along Bootleg Road, on the north side of Skull Hill, in the Brigadoon-like Kingdom of Berks County, Pennsylvania.  It’s a wonderful place to visit, but you won’t want to hang around after dark.  There are ghosts.
- Clemson N. Page, Jr., author of Up Home: Stedman 1903-1909


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