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Buffalo and the Presidents


An Account of the American Presidents' Connections to the Queen City, Including their Visits to the Area

Martin S. Nowak

Shining light on a subject that has not received enough in-depth attention, this work explains the many fascinating associations of the city of Buffalo, New York with the American presidency. From General William Henry Harrison’s visit during the War of 1812 to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign foray, this book covers all presidential events in the area. Future, former and incumbent chief executives, as well as cabinet members and well-known dignitaries, are all included in this comprehensive survey of their visits and activities in the Queen City.

While the careers of local favorites Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland, and the tragic assassination of William McKinley all receive their due, the author has expanded his scope far beyond those subjects. President James Monroe's 1817 visit is covered; so too is the storied visit of President-elect Lincoln, a stealthy overnight stop by President Grant, and JFK's famous 1962 address in Niagara Square, among many others.

Unnoticed connections between the presidents and Buffalo are highlighted in these pages, as well as one intriguing fact that has been hidden for more than a century—that Theodore Roosevelt was not the first incumbent president of the United States to leave the country.

A welcome addition to the literature about the fascinating past of Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier, this is an enjoyable read for historians and residents of the area who wish to become more familiar with their local history and its connection to national politics.





Table of Contents


 1.  The Early Years                       
 2.  Millard Fillmore                   
 3.  Liberty and Free Soil               
 4.  Zachary Taylor                  
 5.  Lincoln, Johnson and Grant             
 6.  Grover Cleveland                                   
 7.  The Late Nineteenth Century                    
 8.  President McKinley and the Pan-American Exposition                 
 9.  Into the Twentieth Century                         
10. FDR, Depression, War and Recovery                         
11. The Modern Era                                     
12. The Twenty-First Century                              
About the Author                             


“An engaging chronological study. Presidential visits to Buffalo are well documented herein, and Nowak includes some hidden gems while weaving the history of social/political movements, military forays and some fascinating biographical anecdotes into the book. Many will be surprised to learn how the early presidents who did not spend time in Buffalo made a significant political, commercial, and social impact as well.”
Bren T. Price, Sr.,Trustee, Association for a Buffalo Presidential Center; Museum Coordinator, American Political Items Collectors


Format: 6" x 9" paperback on permanent paper, printed in the United States
Pages: 346
ISBN 10: 1-939995-23-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-939995-23-0
LCCN: 2017027816
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About the Author

MARTIN S. NOWAK is a native of Buffalo and a long-time resident of Western New York. He has researched the history of the presidents of the United States for many years, and has previously authored The White House In Mourning, which detailed the deaths and funerals of the presidents who have died while in office. He has also written history-themed articles for various publications and is a member of the American Historical Association and the Association for a Buffalo Presidential Center.

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