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Around the World in 1909


Harriet White Fisher and Her Locomobile

Lisa Begin-Kruysman

In the summer of 1909, an emotionally and physically exhausted industrialist from New Jersey named Harriet White Fisher sought tonic by touring the world in a motorcar. She purchased a state-of-the art Locomobile and embarked on a remarkable journey with her driver, maid, butler and dog, exploring places where no man, woman or domesticated house pet had ever ventured.

Whether camping in the wild or relaxing at the posh palaces of royal families, this brave band of unlikely travelers met new challenges on each day of their trip. Called the Anvil Queen, Iron Woman, Princess from the Land of Promise, A Lady of Great Consequence, and the Female Napoleon wherever she went, Harriet and her loyal entourage captured the curiosity and imagination of a fascinated public, attracting legions of fans and friends and opening the minds, hearts and highways on four continents.



Format: 6" x 9" x .6" perfect-bound paperback on acid-free natural paper, printed in the USA
Pages: 280, including a Foreword, Preface, Dedication, Acknowledgments, Prologue, twenty-nine Chapters,  Epilogue, Bibliography, Index, About the Author
Illustrations: 81, including period photos, newspaper articles, postcards
ISBN 10: 1-939995-07-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-939995-07-0
LCCN: 2014957369

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About the Author

Lisa Begin-Kruysman

Lisa Begin-Kruysman resides in and works from her waterfront community on the New Jersey coastline, with her husband Rich and foster-to-forever dog Teddy always nearby. Best known for her inspirational writing about the dog-human bond, her works of fiction and nonfiction have received positive reviews and continue to attract readers worldwide. She is the National Dog Week Blogger and serves on the board of Healing Companions, Inc.


Begin-Kruysman has brought history to life, transporting the reader on a journey like no other. Whether you are a world traveler or just want to live vicariously through one, you will find it hard to tear yourself away from this enchanting and vivid account of a woman who literally drove around the world in 1909.

 - Tara Baukus Mello, automotive journalist


Begin-Kruysman does a superb job of recreating Harriet White Fisher’s journey around the world on the cusp of the 20th Century, not only capturing Harriet’s strength of personality, but also in depicting countries and cultures as they were just before becoming part of the automotive age. We can be grateful to the author that the dynamic Harriet White Fisher’s place in history has not been lost to time.

-  Don Lynch, noted Titanic author and historian

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